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International relations

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International relations

We the GMP dept. are resolutely engaged in our relations with other universities in other countries:

  • Internships
  • Further studies: we are partners with more than one university abroad within Europe and beyond.
  • Welcomes of international students within the different programs ADIUT, SFERE and Campus France.

Links to IUT-IR general policy

Alexandre (Airbus, China):  Its a great opportunity to have been able to go to Airbus in the flight testing dept. on the A320 in China. I rubbed shoulders with the very best engineers of the company. These people bring you to show the best of yourself so as not to disappoint the bosses and your tutor.

On the professional side, I learnt a lot of stuff, about the company, the different jobs, all during the internship.

For me, I learnt lots of stuff about myself; personally I couldn't see myself going so far alone just a few weeks before I left, and it's an unforgettable experience that I don't regret.

Jordan (Alestis, Spain):  It simply must be done! Work dynamics are really good, just like a big happy family. There is always someone ready to give you a hand or some kind of information. Not to mention a very interesting country in every aspect (social, economic and so on...). And finally the wealth an international experience can give to your CV!


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